December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas to All

Blerg. I did it again. I waited too long to blog, and now I'm WAY behind. To catch up, here's my elementary school essay (sans pictures - dial up does not like uploading pictures for anything...)


On my Christmas vacation, I flew to MN after spending Christmas with the Clarks and Gillaspys in Ventura. MN is very cold. It was 5 degrees and snowy when my plane landed.

The worst part of my Christmas vacation was that Nathan was not with me when I came to MN. He flew to New Zealand. Also getting sick was another part of my vacation that was not fun.

The best part of my Christmas vacation was spending a quiet Christmas with my family and catching up with my brother, spending time with my parents, and getting to go to Iowa to see my adorable goddaughter (pictures later) and catch up with my cousins whom I had not seen in a year.

I also enjoyed getting together with friends. Monday night we had a Crown Admissions Reunion, and everybody but Ben and Piper were there (glasses adjust). It was like old times. We laughed, we ate, and we did not work...

Later this week, I'll be seeing more friends at parties and helping my good friend Allie at her wedding, which will be exciting. I will also be trying to kick this stupid virus I have before I fly home to San Diego. I am also excited that I get to see Nathan in one week...

That is what I did on my Christmas vacation. I did not get the Red Rider Beebee Gun I wanted, though...but luckily I also did not receive an atrocious pink bunny costume either.

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