May 12, 2009

Less than a month

It is now less than a month until our wedding. How crazy it is to think about! It feels like just yesterday Nathan was asking me to marry him on the beach at Coronado. Now, the day is finally upon us!

I am going through mixed emotions: I am thrilled and excited; at the same time, every so often I start thinking of the day of the wedding and all that will need to be done that day and I start feeling the "deer-in-the-headlights" look coming over my face. To cope with this look, I find myself making lists, jotting notes, and drafting time lines whenever I can find a moment. The problem is, they are never all in the same place, the get lost, or they are in one of 5 journals/notebooks that I carry around in my purse constantly.

Enter my handsome, talented, and brilliant fiance.

At Brand New Box (his stellar business), they use a project management system called Base Camp. In Base Camp, you can set up To-Do lists, write messages, upload filed, and set goals for multiple projects at one time. You can then allow clients to access their projects, but not others, so they can see the progress that is being made or see what they have to get to BNB in order for the project to be completed on time.

To help us stay organized and on task in wedding planning, Nathan set up a project entitled "Our Wedding" in Base Camp. This has been an awesome tool to keep all of our lists, notes, to-dos, goals, and contracts in one place.

The other day, during church, I started jotting down day of moment-by-moments for individuals involved in our wedding - hair appts, make-up, flowers, etc. Nathan noticed my notes, and was inspired to set up on our website at place where we can input events, groups involved in the event, and it will spit out a schedule for each individual involved in our wedding. Have I told you how brilliant he is? This has been a huge stress relief for me - to be able to see in one place everything that needs to get done and be able to assign tasks - oh bliss. Oh joy!

Nathan calls it a nerdy project. As if. BRILLIANCE is what I say.

Nerdy is me knowing what Romulans look like in the new Star Trek movie, before they're ever noted as Romulans, and knowing based on the ship that they are not The Borg.

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The Spann Fam said...

you're right, that is nerdy! haha, just kidding (kinda!). kelly's right there witcha on the star trek stuff. we're thrilled for you! congrats!