August 03, 2009

Hats Should Be Worn At the Zoo: Or, Why I Dislike Birds

In April, Nathan and I got yearly San Diego Zoo/Wild Animal Park passes and had a great time going to the Wild Animal Park with Allie over Easter. However, we had yet to use our passes at the zoo! So, last weekend we decided to go have a zoo adventure.

One of my least favorite places at the zoo is any aviary - I have a weird dislike of birds. But, they can be oh so cute sometimes, as seen in these pictures:

Aw, so sweet! They were climbing up and down the fence at neck-breaking speed. We had fun watching them until they flew away.

We continued on in the Aviary, making our way toward the exit. I was looking all cute in my hat from Guatemala...when suddenly:

My worst fear came true: a bird pooped on me. Good aim, bird. Good thing I was wearing my hat!

We spent some time trying to figure out which bird was the culprit. We're pretty sure it was this one:

After we left the aviary, my sweet husband took my hat to get it cleaned up, while I observed a peacock wandering around the food area. Ah, the zoo. Boo, birds.

I prefer the bears. Here are some pictures of the pandas (who were quite sleepy) and the polar bear (who was quite entertaining). Nathan defied zoo rangers and stuck his arm over the Plexiglas to get the shot of the panda!

One nice thing about the zoo is that it is so big, you can spend a little time there on one day and save the rest for other afternoons. So, after seeing the polar bears, we took the skyride across the park, went to the children's zoo, and called it a day.

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