August 22, 2009

Weekend Alone

This weekend is the first weekend that Nate and I have been apart since we've been married. It's weird sitting in our apartment, typing this, thinking he's going to walk in at any moment, but knowing he actually won't be coming home at all tonight. Sad times.

However, he's doing something really cool - he's making his debut in a Toyota 4Runner commercial!

Nate got contacted around the beginning of August via Flickr and was asked if he would be interested in being in an internet commercial for the new 2010 Toyota 4Runner. He's owned a 4Runner for a few years now. After a wardrobe meeting and preliminary interview (during which I politely grilled the production crew to make sure they were legit :)), he left last night to begin a crazy adventure. He and three other randomly chosen folks will be surfing, tailgating, and camping - all on camera. Nate's also hoping to do a little off-roading tomorrow in the new vehicle.

Don't worry - Nate did his research, and the production company and marketing company check out. And, I've heard from him via text and phone call, so yes, he's alive.

Meanwhile, I've been spending my weekend at a church retreat, apartment hunting, running errands, and beginning to pick out wedding pictures to get printed. Yeah, it's boring around here without Nathan.

All by myself...ALL BY MYSELF!!!

Miss you baby! Be Safe!

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