April 05, 2010

Websites for Churches

Everyone seems to be on the internet these days. My mom has a Facebook page; Nathan's grandparents have email addresses and Facebook; former and current co-workers are LinkedIn; news agencies are following Twitter for the most current breaking news.

With this explosion of online networking happening, CityGates wants to help your church reach others, build community, and continue conversations on the web. CityGates was conceived and built by my husband, Nathan, and his business partner, Matt.

CityGates offers some really great features for churches in this ever-growing online social networking era, including their newest feature - an iPhone app (you read that right!)

    One of the best things about CityGates is how easy it is to maintain. At one time, I was an intern for a youth ministry at a mid-sized church; I can guaruntee you if we had had a website, I would have been the one doing most of the updates for the youth ministry part of the site. If we had had CityGates, there would have been no issues - I could have created mission trip forms, uploaded photos from our outreach event, and blogged my heart out about what God was teaching me as I worked with students.

    Nathan and Matt are available for support as you get set up or run into problems, and they are always working to make CityGates better. You can try it for free for 30 days, and if you mention me, you get 20% off for life!

    Whether you're starting a church, at an existing church, or at a parachurch organization, Nathan, Matt, and CityGates can help you get you on the web. Check them out on their website, or give them a call. Tell them I sent you!

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