April 21, 2006

In Part...The Whole

I was having a conversation with a co-worker this afternoon when something he said struck me. I won't go into the conversation here, because you kind of needed to be there. However, I suddenly realized that perhaps my co-worker believed in his part of the college we work at, but not the college as a whole.

This is not solely based on this one conversation alone, but ongoing conversation and observation of this person. Now, is this concept possible? Can you beleive in a part of something but not the whole? I am not just talking within college recruitment, but in life in general.

On the radio the other day, the morning djs were talking about different religions and some of the things they beleive. One of the djs said that in Christianity, she definitely could believe that Jesus was put to death on a cross because of the nature of the human condition; she mentioned that she had no problem believing that part of Christianity. Does that mean she believes all of what we as Christians claim? Probably not. Based on some of the content of the radio show, I would have to say that she doesn't.

What does all of this prove? That I have a lot more to ponder about this subject. I'll be honest: it disturbs me that my co-worker may not believe in the college as a whole; how can you recruit when you can't sell the whole picture because you haven't even bought it? Anyway, there may be more on this whole concept to come. Or maybe I'll just let you do your own pondering.

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