February 09, 2007

Stranger than a fictional musical monologue

A couple of weeks ago, I saw the movie Stranger than Fiction, which I thought was fantastic. It got me thinking about what it would be like if someone was in fact narrating your life. What would they say? Would it be an interesting story? Or would the narrator get bored and just quit on you?

I decided to try it; narrating my life, that is, so here is my attempt:

Sarah sipped at her water as she went about her work, still slightly irritated by events that had transpired earlier in the day. "How hard was it for people to get organized and follow deadlines," she wondered. "It's not like I asked for this list two hours ago." She checked her email again; nope, still not there. She sat there, staring at her computer screen, wondering what to do next, since most of her projects for the day hinged on one list that remained unattainable. She reached for the phone as it rang, then sighed in relief as someone else got to it first. She was in no mood to answer questions at the moment.

Boring. I think my life would be much more interesting if it were a musical instead of a work of fiction. Imagine it: people breaking out into song and dance at random, yet pivotal moments in your life. So much more enjoyable, don't you think?

What about you? What literary style would your life be told in?

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