March 06, 2007


Not a lot to say these days, which would account for my lack of blogging. So, I am going to attempt to illustrate the last few months with pictures...this will be my first attempt, so I cannot promise anything...
I have recently been to two concerts featuring Mat Kearney. Both were excellent. The first one also featured John Mayer; amazing guitarist, but I was pretty much there for Mat.

I also recently was in Florida planning for LIFE 2007.
This is not me in Florida, but being I took absolutely no pictures while I was there (shocker, I know), I thought it illustrated my point quite well.

The 80 degree weather was lovely; coming home to a snowstorm was not. I don't know how much longer I will be able to take MN winters. One thing I loved about being in Florida was being able to just walk out the door of my hotel and walk to the coffee shop across the way without having to think about putting on a jacket or gloves or snowboots--I could just go! I think that might explain why so many people in this state are affected (or effected) by S.A.D.--Seasonal Affective Disorder. When the windchills are below zero and the snow is up to your neck, there's nothing for you to do but sit inside. That gets old fast. Not that Florida is perfect. I know that it isn't. But it was way better than the months of cold and snow I had spent in MN already!

While in Florida, I got to see my good friends Renee and Daniel. Again, no pictures taken, so old ones will have to do. It was so great to see them! They have an amazing ministry being house parents to seven teen boys, who are great kids. It was cool to actually see what Renee and Daniel do during their days instead of just hearing about it. Again, it's amazing what they're doing.

Huh, this picture thing is kind of fun! I'll have to do it more often. Hopefully this will curb your blog appetite until I can write a blog with more sustinence. Consider this your carb; the meat will be soon.

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Kim said...

I would have to say Cali is better. It is nice all the time with no humidity and we rarely get and storms. COME VISIT US!!! :)