March 10, 2007

No rhyme or reason

I'm putting off my homework for the evening. Bad idea, but I have no motivation at the moment, and I have to write a paper, so I figure writing on this thing might help get the juices flowing.

I'm not too fond of weekends like this. Today I had to be at work to run/oversee an Athletic Visit day; Monday is another normal visit day. It just makes it seem like I live at work or something. Granted, it is that time of year, but it just makes me tired. So tired that I can't even write coherant thoughts on a blog. Or focus on my homework.

Last night I did decide to have a life and joined some friends for a good old fashioned hoe down. It was hilarious to watch (I'm not much for square dancing, but I laughed a lot).

Now that I've run out of things to write here as well, I think I'll go try reading my assignment, so as to get out of my office at a decent hour. So much for inspiration!

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