July 18, 2007

Sunny with a High of 75...

More like high of 90 with 100% humidity...but I just saw Relient K in concert...

My apologizes once again, to those of you who still occasionally breeze by this thing. I don't feel like writing just yet, but will entertain you with some pictures from LIFE 2007 in Orlando, FL, where it truly was 95 degrees and 100% humidity.

This is Hall C, where we spent the week in the booth.

This is me handing out assignments for the day.

Natalie and I flashing back to our childhood

Ah, the beach. I got burnt to a crisp.

These are the Peabody Hotel Ducks. They have their own suite and swim in this fountain. At 11am and 5pm they have their own parade too.

There are many more pictures I could put up here, but this pictures on the blog thing drives me nuts. So I will leave you with these and some highlights from the week:

1. Great conversations with high school students.

2. Brennen Manning spoke and brought the WORD!

3. Atta Boy!

4. Mentos IS the Freshmaker

5. Orlando will drop-kick you in the face

6. Quarter? Got your quarter?

7. Have you signed up for Internet time?

8. Winner!

There's a taste. As a college, we see a different side of the conference, but I've heard lives were changed by God throughout the weekend, and lots was done for Africa. Maybe I'll post more later. Right now I am going to go outside and enjoy the diminished Minnesota humidity...I'll never complain again.

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