August 12, 2007


If you haven't already, checkout This blog is dedicated to posting other people's secrets--you send in an anonymous postcard proclaiming your secret, and it might be posted on the site by a guy named Frank.

Some secrets are so sad, some are so disturbing, some are so...odd...

The most ironic part of keeping up with this blog is many times, I'll read someone's secret and think, "Hmmm...I feel that way too..." or "Hey, I've dealt with that before" or "That's my secret too!"

The most healing thing about the site is knowing you are not alone in some of the things you might be dealing with everyday. So many times, as Christians especially, we tend to keep our hurts and emotions to ourselves. We think we need to put on the "Happy-everything-is-peachy" face. We think no one wants to be burdened with our issues. We think no one will understand. We think our problems are taboo.

I've felt this way. I'm sure you have too.

Talk to someone. We need to be more open to vulnerability, realizing that we are never alone, and that keeping secrets to ourselves will only feed the issue, the sin, the self-destructive behaviors. We need to be more supportive of each other, listen more, lend an ear, a shoulder, a word of advice, accountability, encouragement.

We need to be more opening to the love and compassion that Jesus has for us all.

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