November 26, 2007

Thanks, I'll pass

There are a lot of obvious things to love about California, especially when you are from Minnesota. So, here's a list of things I have discovered that I don't love about this state in the month that I have been here:

1. Marking freeway on/off ramps.
Seriously, whoever came up with the system in California should be fined a great deal of money! Basically, it is assumed that you know where the on/off ramps are, so the signs are small and sometimes you don't notice them until the very last minute. I've made many CA drivers angry...

2. Drivers
I don't think they believe in using turn signals out here...

3. Roads cross each other 4 or 5 times
They aren't parallel...they aren't perpendicular...(my geometry teacher would be proud of me)...but I am not proud of the road system in CA...seriously, I cross University from La Mesa Blvd 2-3 times getting to the mall...I would have no clue how to draw maps for people here!

4. Getting made fun of for different words
We always made fun of Wisconsin-ites who called a drinking fountain a "bubbler". Now my roommate giggles every time I say "bag" or "pop".

5. False advertisements of the sun always shinning.
I won't be tan by Christmas at this rate!

6. Only one DSW in a 75 mile radius
Okay, this one probably doesn't matter to most people, but it does to me. There is one in San Diego, and then the nearest one is 75 miles away. What if they don't have my size???

In all seriousness, if this is all I can come up with in a months time, I'm doing pretty well. And I am! There's a ton of great things about this state, and especially the area I live, like:

1. The weather
The coldest it has gotten? 55-60 degrees. That's quite balmy for this MN girl...

2. 5 minutes from everything
Literally. I can take the trolley downtown, and the freeways get me everywhere else in no time

3. Hip Hop class
It's fun to try new things in a new place!

4. Gaslamp district
Kind of reminds me of Uptown in MN...but it's way cooler...

5. Coranado
An island. Best way to see it is by ferry.

6. Beaches
Um...I don't need to explain this one, do I?

7. People
So nice! And many are from out of state, so it feels more...normal? Sure. Lots of midwesterners too!

8. Public Transportation
I love it! Why don't all cities have good public transportation systems?

9. Cost of living
Besides housing, not so bad.

10. Trader Joe's
Best grocery place EVER!

11. Outdoor Malls
You are outside, and you get to shop. Can we say, "best of both worlds?"

12. A tank of gas
...goes WAY farther here than it did for me in MN!

So, the good totally outweighs the bad...although the DSW thing still hurts....

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Megan said...

Hi Sarah,

So good to read your blog! We're getting more snow today...that means another 20 minutes just to get the kids dressed so that they can spend a total of 10 minutes outside and then come in and make my floor wet with hats, boots, mittens, scarves, snow pants, and jackets. It's beautiful...especially when I know that it will only last until May!