January 25, 2008

For Krista and Tyler...my first celebrity sighting in CA

Last night I went to an amazing concert in LA at a place called the Troubadour. Awesome venue, I must say. Definitely want to go back. Great music by Ingrid Michelson; you may know her from such things as the Old Navy Sweater commercial...

Anyway, so I'm standing listening to Ingrid sing, having a grand old time, when my friend Nate leans over and whispers "When you get the chance, check out who's standing to your left behind you." So, I slyly turn, acting like I'm going to say something to our friends Matt and Erika, or like I'm looking for the bathroom or something, and low and behold, there, standing no more than 2 or 3 feet from me, is Zach Braff. Just standing there, enjoying the music like I am, with his co-star from Scrubs.

The rest of the evening Zach stood behind us, and every once in a while would use Matt as a sheild to remain inconspicuous. No one made a big deal of it, he was cheering for an Ingrid encore louder than anyone else, and that's when I realized: I'm in LA, and this is normal, and how the heck did I end up here? Weird.

But, seeing Zach made me think of Krista and Tyler, and how much they love Scrubs, and how they should move to CA instead of being in cold, snowy Canada so that they can also rub shoulders with Zach, and have it be the most normal thing in the world.

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Nathan Colgate said...

you were totally sly.