January 22, 2008

My life as a screenplay...

Would sell BIG right now...seriously...

This weekend was a long weekend, having Monday off and all. But a glorious weekend it was! So much packed into really, such a small time frame. Where to begin???

Thursday evening my dear friend Sara came down from LA...ahem, excuse me, La Mirada to be precise...and we had a fantastic time hanging out on Friday with some old friends from Crown. It's crazy to see people in a completely different context...you kind of have to do double takes to make sure you're not seeing things.

Saturday Sara and I met her friends at Sea World! We saw a lot of shows (she's slightly in love with Shamu...I have a soft spot for sea lions) and enjoyed the 70 degree weather, soaking up the sun, feeling sorry for our poor friends in MN who were shivering in the -40 degree weather...not to rub it in or anything! After walking around all day, we ended it with a chat in the hot tub (I love my apartment complex!), grocery shopping, and playing Wii tennis with my friends.

And then came Sunday, the CRAZIEST, most fun day of the weekend. Nate, Erica, Matt, Dani, Sara, and I rented a van (Juanita, Van of Wonder) and spent the day in Mexico! Instead of trying to write it ALL out here (which could turn into a novel), here are some of the highlights of the trip:

1) The van ride--vans make road trips 10 times more fun!
2) The beach and pier in Rosarita
3) The sweet, packed, flea market like store in some town near Rosarita, with any type of Mexican art you could ever want or desire, if you can find it or get to it through all the stuff!
4) Puerto Nuevo. This little village is EXACTLY what I pictured in my mind when I thought of Mexico, and it did not disappoint--little shops, great lobster, nice people.
5) The beach in Puerto Nuevo. While not as nice as the first beach, we took great cat naps in the sun, and we all explored in our own way, allowing everyone to be themselves and do their own thing. So much fun!
6) Watching the sunset in Mexico--seriously can't be beat.
7) Watching the Packer/Giants game in Ensenada, Mexico. No, really, we did!
8) Fernando!! 'Nuff said.

Only one low light...waiting 2 HOURS at the border to get back in the U.S. with all four girls desperately needing a bathroom...time goes much slower with a full bladder!

So, as I said, a very full, very fun weekend. And then there was Monday...which I am still processing...SO....
I'll write about Monday some other time...


Alissa said...

miss you too! weekend sounds amazing!
Many stories I want to hear :)
and questions I want to ask...call when you can.

Bradley said...

Sounds like fun, all those friends from Crown. I wonder if there are any others living near you that didn't get invited...