February 15, 2008

Help Out A Friend...Deal?

This is my friend Aaron. We used to work at Crown together in Admissions, and, well, the picture speaks for itself, I think. (Yes, that is him ductaped to the wall...)

Anyway, below is some exciting news about Aaron, and a way to help him out. He's a finalist to be a contestant on Deal or No Deal, and trust me, you WANT to see him on this show! So, read below, and please fill out the three question survey.

As most of you are aware, I am a finalist for the hit TV Show “Deal or No Deal”. I am waiting to hear back from the producers. This could be soon, but I need your help in making this possible. In an effort to persuade producers to actually put me on the show, I’ve put together a 10 sec survey (it’s super quick). Basically all I need is 1,000 supporter’s names by March 1, 2008. So it’s important that you fill this out immediately!

Note: This does not guarantee I will be chosen, but will only increase my chances of not being overlooked.

Note: Also, if you currently are a student at Crown College, please make sure to enter your home city & state instead of using St. Bonifacius, MN.

Again, thanks for your support! Hopefully, you’ll be seeing me on a future episode of Deal or No Deal.

Thanks for helping out my friend!!

1 comment:

melmac said...

I voted! I would love to see Aaron on there, I would laugh. I might post this on my page too. Have fun with my sister this weekend!