October 01, 2008

Places You Should Shop - Episode #1

It's October 1st! Crazy thought. Where did September go?

It is now officially Christmas Shopping Season. Usually I would object to this statement, but I was listening to NPR this morning talk about WalMart and Macys beginning their Christmas sales early due to the recession. The theory is that most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck these days, and therefore will be spreading out their Christmas shopping over the next 3 months. I am a product of this, as I have already purchased a Christmas gift for someone on my list and plan on getting a few more this month.

This is unusual for me, as I am very much one who adamantly desires all of us to give the turkey his day and not forget Thanksgiving. But that mostly has to do with Christmas decorations going up before Halloween (and Christmas music being played too early - Friday after Thanksgiving; that's when the Canadian Brass Christmas albums can start being played religiously).

We're all strapped for cash, but none of us want to only buy cheap pairs of socks for friends and family this year (and very few of us want that many pairs of socks). So, I've decided to help you Christmas shop!

For the next few blog posts, I have decided to feature some very talented friends of mine who have their own shops. All of these shops are online, and are a great place to go to purchase gifts for the holiday season. Shipping is very minimal as well.

To begin this series, I'm highlighting one of my favorites:

The Tilted Tulip

The Tilted Tulip is owned by my friend and neighbor, Erika. When she's not making a mean Chicken Pot Pie, she is out scowering the thrift stores of San Diego to find vinatage jewlery, clothing, and purses to bring to you, yes, you! Some of my favorite items listed at her store right now are the Downtown Judy Brown Vintage Leather Purse, the Garden Goodies Vintage Red Flower Earrings, the Tall Drink of Water Vintage Glass (so cool!), and the Candy Striper Vintage Fabric Wallet. Check out her vintage collection for yourself, though. She's got pins, earrings, and a really, really sweet vintage matchbook collection.

Not only does Erika find the best vintage items, she also makes her own earrings, which are also for sale on her site. I personally own 2 pairs, and always get comments from others about them when I wear them. They're so colorful, fun, and unlike any earrings I've ever seen or owned. Check out her Fabric Earrings section or Jewelry section.

Prices are super reasonable, and shipping costs are a steal! Check out The Tilted Tulip for a fun alternative to those boring socks and sticks of gum you were planning on giving this year.

Until next time...shop smart!

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Crabby Rangoon said...

Wow, Sarah! Thanks for saying all that nice stuff about me and my shop! I heard that same NPR report and found it interesting. Thanks again for the nice words!