October 20, 2008

Shopping: It's a jungle out there

There are certain items of clothing that I hate shopping for. Jeans and dress pants are two items, and based on past conversations with friends and fellow women, this is common. It's hard to find a pair of pants that actually fit you correctly. I think designers need to take an Anatomy class or something. If they fit you in the legs, they don't fit in the hips, and vice versa, etc. etc. etc.

Lately, I've come to dislike shopping for another item of clothing/accessories, and, well, I'm afraid to admit it on here publically, for fear of the wrath of women everywhere...but, here it goes.

I hate shoe shopping.

I know, I know, it's like blasphemy in Woman World, but seriously, how hard is it to find a nice pair of brown peep-toe pumps? I'll tell you - nearly impossible! It's driving me nuts.

Maybe I'm too picky. I just like to think of it as knowing what I want. I don't want two toned shoes. I don't want heels 3-5 inches tall (I like my ankles in one piece). I don't want animal prints. I don't want junior high looking shoes. I don't want shoes that are so patent leather that you can see your reflection in them. Oh, and I don't want to pay more than $30 for them.

Okay. So I know what I DON'T want...but come on people! Brown Peep-Toe Pumps are a classic! How do shoe stores not have them? Actually, how to stores not have brown pumps PERIOD this season? They're like the endangered species of shoe, I swear!

If anyone sees this rare animal of shoe anywhere, let me know.

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Adin said...

Too have got my shoe shopping through Timberland, love the variety of shoes there.