October 31, 2008

Places You Should Shop - Episode #2

It's almost November! How's your Christmas shopping going? I've been able to cross 4.75 people off my list (some gifts have multiple parts, thus the .75).

If you're still shopping around for that perfect gift for your sister, mother, girlfriend, wife, fiance, daughter, grandmother...well, look no further than my friend Relissa's website!

Relissa and her husband, Phil, just recently moved to San Diego. At a very fun dinner party at the Kirkland's, we learned that Relissa makes one-of-a-kind purses, using recycled materials and really colorful fabrics. Seriously check these out - they are so pretty and so much fun!

And the great thing is, no one else on earth will have a purse like yours!

Favorites on the site:

The Belted Bag - the handle is an actual belt!

Twirl - Such fun, fun colors! Made out of upholstery material.

The Great Green - My favorite thing about this one is that the lining is made out of a plain long sleeved shirt. How cool!

Check out all of Relissa's purses for a unique, fun gift to give this Christmas!

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