November 14, 2008

Places to Shop, Episode #3

Two weeks until "Black Friday!" Have you mapped out the mall? Re-soled your shopping shoes? Sharpened your elbows? Refined your cat-like reflexes?

One store you may find me at on "Black Friday" is Barnes and Nobel, Borders, or any other bookstore. I am, admitedly, a book-a-holic.

Speaking of books, if your looking for a cool gift this Christmas for the writing/drawing/sketching/book loving person on your list, check out The Novel Novel. Their mantra: "New Love for Old Books."

What The Novel Novel does is take old, discarded library books (the ones you used to check out as a child with the cool hard covers), remove the pages, add blank pages, and re-bind the book. Voila, you have a really cool, one-of-a-kind journal or sketch book! They even keep the library card pocket in the book, making it look like an authentic, over-due library book.

One thing I love about The Novel Novel journals/sketchbooks is that they will pick certain original pages from the book and insert them randomly within the blank pages. So, for instance, in my Novel Novel, "Let's Learn about Mosquitos!", I can be writing or drawing and turn the page and there is suddenly a cool illustration of the stages of the mosquito. Won't find that in a Barnes and Nobel journal!

The Novel Novel has a lot of cool journals/sketchbooks on sale, just in time for the holidays! Personal favorites:

Come to France - Blank Sketchbook / Journal

Sydney Rella and the Glass Sneaker - Blank Sketchbook

Lions in the Grass - Blank Journal / Sketchbook

The Novel Novel is run by Matt and Erika, the same Erika who also runs The Tilted Tulip. Check them out for something new and different to give this Christmas!

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