September 24, 2009

Funny things happen

I've been seeing a dermatoligist for about 6 months now; not for my face, but for one nasty little wart on my left-hand pinkie finger. I've had this thing since I was in fifth grade, no lie. I can remember noticing it for the first time; I just thought it was a callous from playing piano or something. I'm not exactly a wart officianado or anything. I'd post pics, but it got treated yesterday and is QUITE disgusting to look at.

Anyway, I've been going to the dermatologist and getting treated for this thing. Yesterday, as I am explaining how I think the last treatment on my little pinkie went, my doctor is looking at my forehead. "And, have we given you anything for the blackheads?" he inquires. "Uh, no," I reply. "Let me go get you some samples." And off he goes, and comes back with a handful of samples for me to use on my forehead. (Don't worry, he also treated the wart.)

The lesson here is - wearing no makeup = exposed blackheads = free samples from the dermatologist = AWESOME.

This teaser was found online this morning. Check it out! My husband is FAMOUS!

2010 Toyota 4Runner Teaser

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