September 10, 2009

Makeup-less Month Day 2

My apologies to Matt. Again, I have no pictures. And I don't have a good excuse for it. See you at small group??

I'm kind of getting used to this no makeup thing. I know it's only day 2, but I cannot tell you how much time it cuts off of getting ready in the morning. I'm a self-proclaimed dawdler - I have always purposefully set my alarm much earlier than necessary so I have time to dawdle. My husband of 3 months does not appreciate this trait. ;)

Last night Nathan and I went to Mission Bay to do a half Super Sprint. I will be participating in a full Super Sprint in October. A Super Sprint is a triathlon that is a) only women and b) about 1/3 of the length of a full triathlon. I have a sneaking suspicion that this increase in training/exercise may also have something to do with my teenage-like breakouts. I admit, I can be one lazy chica; I cannot think of one time since starting to train for the Super Sprint that I made an effort to wash my face before OR after training. Which means I had makeup on while sweating, which means my sweat was getting blocked in my pores, which means YUCK! Don't even want to go there...

So, in addition to washing my face twice a day and wearing moisturizer, I am also packing a washcloth and Stridex pads in my training pack for after the workouts. We'll see how that affects things.

Again, sorry for the lack of pics. PROMISE PROMISE tomorrow...

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