September 11, 2009

Makeup-less Month Day 3 - And pics!

Yes, finally, pictures are here. Here is my face; hopefully it won't be like this in a month's time :)

So I am realizing that this experiment is not only has elements of science, but also of philosophy.

I realized this yesterday during work when I decided I didn't like walking into the bathroom and catching a glimpse of my face in the mirror. Why? I wondered about this all day, and realized that I do not feel like I look professional, put together, or pretty without makeup.

Sad, right?

Somewhere down the line, I bought into a lie - I don't look as good without artificial stuff on my face. My natural self will not be as nice looking; it won't get me places; it's not as nice.

The beauty product industry must love that we listen to this lie.

There are so many ads (especially in SoCal) for the newest ways to look younger, get fresher skin.Why do we feel like we have to cover our blemishes, hide our wrinkles, fill in our crow's feet?

We do this with sin in our lives. None of us like to admit that we struggle with stuff, so we hide it. We don't talk about it. But we should be, instead of covering it up and ignoring the implications.

Mmm...Zits are like sin. Only when they're exposed can the healing begin.

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