February 03, 2010


2 years ago Nathan and I joined a community group at church that met on Thursday nights. In the bulletin, the leaders of this group said that their group would be "done  in time for LOST!!!" (There actually might have been more exclamation points.) At this point in my life, I had seen 1.5 episodes of this phenomenon - a recap show during Season 3 and half of a Season 3 episode. Needless to say, the whole LOST thing wasn't a draw for me, and I thought maybe I could get away with bringing a book to read since I knew I wouldn't be getting sucked into this show.




LOST should come with a warning label: "May be addictive." "May bring out the conspiracy theorist you thought was dormant." I mean, wow. I had no idea it would suck me in, but there I was, eagerly awaiting the next episode, wondering what would happen to the band of survivors.

Last year, for the Season 5 premiere, Chad and Mellie (our small group hosts) got uber-creative. We all got these in the mail:

We also played LOST bingo:

This year, the FINAL SEASON, we all gathered once again to take in the Season Premiere together. Bingo was played. And, Nathan and I got creative as well:

This cupcake cake was the brainchild of my creative husband. He had discovered the exact shape of the LOST island, and found some sweet, cheap airplanes to tear apart. Of course, they were edible:

Watch out for the tail-ies!
I really do love the fact that LOST is ending after these season. It is truly brilliant, and I think most shows should plan their life-span this way. 

The best part about LOST is talking about theories. There are so many floating around the internets, and so many talked about in our group (but only during commercial breaks - strict rule. You will get the evil eye and SHUSHED if you try to have a conversation during the show).

If you haven't watched the show, I recommend starting at the beginning. I swore I wouldn't do it, but found there were quite a few pieces I was missing in the LOST puzzle. Get all 5 seasons and by the time you finish, the final season will be out on DVD. 

Raise a cupcake for the final season of LOST! It's bound to be a season of answers, more questions, more theories, and more mystery.

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